John Lennon’s words, not ours. We have reused them to make a simple point – about reusing. At Cancelled Plans we collaborate with local factories to collect and reuse their non-hazardous waste to turn it into a design statement. We find creative ways to use materials that are otherwise deemed waste. These materials are often of a high grade but contain minor defects and are discarded because of the nature of industrial processes. They are clean and safe to handle.       

We want to help drive the circular economy that can save us, with a tinge of style. We are designing for the times – we love rejects and are unafraid to use the unused. We are bold, with creativity at our core we aim to change things up and stop doing things the way they have been done for years.

It’s the new plan because the old one has been cancelled.

Cancelled Plans: My Biography

Mallika Reddy is a trained architect with a focus in sustainability. The majority of her career she spent in brand design. She’s always been a slight misfit, doing things differently and exploring creativity in its various forms. She’s an artist, always curious and eager to learn.

As an aspiring entrepreneur Mallika began exploring business ideas in sustainability, through this she came across a landfill which shook her up. She saw many useful and neglected materials that had found their way there, and knew there was something she had to do about it. And that’s how Cancelled Plans was born.

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