Aditi ♥️ CP

Aditi Rao Hydari, actor, dancer, singer is now adding a new feather in her cap - designer! We had the most fun designing a special edition collection together. Aditi has an impeccable sense of style that is so effortless and authentic that made us jump with joy to bring it alive through Cancelled Plans. Aditi has been a champion for Cancelled Plans since she was first introduced to the brand and immediately had ideas for products that we could make to push the purpose forward. We are incredibly proud to be using recycled cotton and waste from sock manufacture to bring these products to life.
"Mallika is someone I’m so proud to call a friend. I love the work she does and the world she believes in, with Cancelled Plans - a brand finding its feet in a world full of excess and waste. In the span of a year, the brand has worked with multiple factories and used all kinds of waste for their first collection that launched in London in September 2019. The idea to collaborate started with my first present from Cancelled plans during the lockdown.  A sweatshirt that I wore non stop (and then bought more). I wanted to share cancelled plans with my friends so Mallika and I customised unique sweatshirts for them. That led us to think why not create a tiny line together since I love cancelled plans and what it stands for. We sat at the drawing board and played with waste materials from various factories to design and create this line during the lockdown. We made multiple samples and I’ve literally lived in these co ord sets over the past few months. It's simple and an extension of my personality.  We’ve used quotes and graphics that I love and now we’re sharing them with you.
I hope you love them as much as I do."
- Aditi Rao Hydari