Aisha Rao and Cancelled Plans have come together to create something unique and unexpected. While our design sensibilities are vastly different, our core philosophies of making beautiful yet sustainable products led us on this journey. There was an immediate synergy in the kind of work we wanted to create and we hope millenial brides like the products as much as the ideology behind it!
Aisha Rao x Cancelled Plans

Since the inception of the brand Aisha Rao, their focus has been on creating upcycled luxury occasion wear that utilised most of our tailoring waste to make unique, colourful and one-of-a-kind outfits that borrow from India's rich craft and artisanal techniques like aari, zardozi and gota patti but also care to contain their carbon footprint. This was a perfect fit for us in terms of the kind of work we wanted to achieve and work with people who are diverse and help us push our thinking even further. Using one of our signature materials - sock waste, we reimagined what bridal luxury could look like. Through vibrant motifs and delicate embroidery Aisha Rao helped us bring a new life and new personality to our sock waste, one we could have never imagined ourselves. We are extremely thrilled to bring out this collection and spread the love for sustainable, beautiful and wearable fashion. 

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