Episode 2

In Episode 1 we created accessories using a material we engineered and developed. We wanted to take this idea of innovation into the apparel space. We wanted to create out of the box clothing using materials people never envisioned possible. 

One of our bestsellers in this collection is a jacket made from delicately embroidered latex, which is a byproduct in the manufacture of condoms. We learnt that a percentage of condoms manufactured also generates waste that is in the form of condoms with holes. These needed to be shredded immediately in order to avoid counterfeiting of products. These shredded bits create a beautiful texture and are hand embroidered to create true luxury born out of excess. 

The rest of the collection features elements from pharmaceutical packing used in embroidery and textile waste that is excess in the manufacturing processes of socks.

This collection was featured in The Circular Design Challenge hosted by Lakme Fashion Week in 2020.